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Campaign Objectives


Exelixis, the youth leadership project seek to work on a joint venture to educate, inspire and politically empower minority ethnic communities & europeans in Greece. Our aims are to:

·         Inspire and empower BME communities to believe that through political and civic  engagement we can challenge racism and make a positive contribution

·         Hold back mainstream political parties from demonising BME communities through a pernicious immigration debate

·         Encourage main stream parties and their politicians to talk about BME communities in their countries in a positive way

·         Put tackling race equality back on the political agenda

Our objectives are to:

·         politically and civically educate 250,000 BME  individuals  about the benefits of civic engagement

·         directly register 4000 individuals to vote and encourage them to do so.20,000 indirectly

·         hold political hustings meetings inviting main stream political parties to resist the pernicious anti-immigrant rhetoric

In Greece, and in part because of austerity measures two opposing dynamics are occurring:

1.      Main stream political parties are adopting the rhetoric of the Far right and other anti-immigration parties. This shift to the political Right has meant that the debate about austerity quickly descends into blaming the immigrants for a nations ills.

2.      Black, roma and minority ethnic communities are simply not engaging. Many believe what is the point of engaging in a political environment in which we are perceived as the enemy.


In Greece, among the basic ingredients of the current fiscal and social crisis, one can encounter clientelism, corruption and cynicism on behalf of the citizens towards the politicians, lack of citizen’s conscience. All these characteristic attitudes ended up in a lack of interest on behalf of a major part of the Greek society for major public issues, and a lack of active participation, particularly from Minority communities.

At  the  same time we have witnessed a shocking rise of extreme political and social attitudes (e.g) extreme right parties as Golden Dawn, racism). Many minorities in Greece, not only fear for their own safety, but also have little or no confidence with the political elite to address the concerns of discrimination and inequality. 

Outreach and Activities


Design and produce leaflets.


Operation Black Vote and Exelixis will produce sets of leaflets. The first will outline the challenges that our communities face: high unemployment, ‘Stop and Search’, etc, whilst the other side will outline how we challenge these inequalities through of civic and political participation. These leaflets with disseminated along with voter registration forms.


Voter registration and turnout events

We will undertake 10 voter registration and voter turnout meetings.

In the early part of the campaign they focus mainly on voter registration and understanding the political process. However, as we get closer to the European and local elections these meetings may take the form of political husting meetings which will hold the politicians some accountability.

We will undertake 10 events in three areas, covering cities such as Athens, Salonica, Xania. On average we expect 100 people to attend each meeting.

5 gyspy and traveller meetings

5 African and Caribbean meetings

5 Asian meetings

5 Student meetings, in predominantly BME areas

At the Husting’s meetings we  will invite main stream Party political candidates to answer question to a BME audience

Activities of Exelixis

Exelixis will undertake events in 4 areas, Athens, Salonica, Patra , creta, we expect to attend more than 100 people.

Europeans, Bulgarian, Romanian, polish, Roma Muslims African  We will invite ; polical anylist and Academic persons including antidiscrimination organizations.

Dissemination of information

As well as the direct activities OBV and Exelixis Will engage in a information dissemination campaign. This element of the campaign seeks to use both our extended networks, media outlets including social media.

OBV has a network of 15,000 organisations it will ask to disseminate information about local and EU elections and the need to register to vote.


Our media strategy in Greece

 we have a partnership with Foreign journalists association of Greece and  many Radio & tv stations including community press electronic and printed, as well we have a relationship with immigration union of Greece that is a platform of foreign communities in Greece.